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Evolving over time and the seasons, Softscapes are the color, texture, and fragrance of our landscape experiences.


In its myriad of forms, Hardscapes provide an establishment of structure and organization to the functions within a landscape.


Emitting soothing or powerful lyrical sounds, Waterscapes are attracting & distracting to human & wildlife alike.


A primal gathering force, Firescapes demands our audience, extending a layer of experiences in the landscape beyond the twilight.

Tri-Scape Landscapes

As the Landscape division for Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes, Tri-Scape Landscapes carries forward the traditions & values of its parent company with uncompromising quality & craftsmanship.

A home doesn’t begin and end at its walls, it includes the spaces & views within your property, as well as those that lie beyond. Quality design pays heed to this principal and will maximize these opportunities.

Our timeless landscapes incorporate the materials & architecture of your home, creating a visual marriage between the indoor & outdoor spaces. Beginnings & endings fade.

So as each client is unique, so will be their garden. A timeless garden will reflect your needs for leisure, entertainment and serenity. It will engage all of your senses. It will respect nature, and more importantly, it will respect what time does to nature.

Let us create a timeless landscape for your home that your family & friends will enjoy for generations to come.

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